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Everywhere, businesses of all sizes – from neighbourhood mom-and-pop shops to large corporates like BlackRock – are recognising the significance of sustainability as a core consideration for long-term economic success. EGAT is one of the world’s leading independent certifiers of renewable energy. STACS’ ESGpedia ensures the integrity of the RECs traded, enhancing trust and adoption amongst market participants, accelerating the country’s carbon neutrality goal. The cooperation centres around the usage of STACS’ ESGpedia digital registry, which powers the ESG Registry of the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (‘MAS’) Project Greenprint. A pilot phase of the cooperation is underway, where Manulife Investment Management seeks to pilot innovative investment monitoring techniques for sustainable investments. Our goal is to always help our clients achieve their ESG goals, deliver sustained outcomes and build trust with their stakeholders, which can be enabled through quality data and continuous upskilling.

The data on the price of STACS Token and other related information presented on this website is obtained automatically from open sources therefore we cannot warrant its accuracy. COINCOST is in no way related to the cryptocurrency STACS Token, its developers and representatives. The token page shows information such as price, total supply, holders, transfers and social links. The mission of the Stacks project is to enable a better internet through decentralized apps.

Sustainability is an increasingly important and necessary strategy for all companies, across all industries, to stay competitive today. Companies need to expand their business success metrics beyond the bottom line and recognise the long-term value sustainability creates. The CO2X platform is the best starting point for companies keen to embark on their sustainability journey. Our inclusive platform will lower the barriers for SMEs to incorporate sustainability practices and bridge the gap between businesses and financial services in a data-driven approach. Not only does this Proof-of-Concept outline a basic ecosystem for DLT bond issuance and lifecycle management but it also serves an accessible template for the industry in the development of concepts into live commercial transactions. Its focus on ESG, an area in which DLT uniquely enables data-rich products such as sustainability-linked bonds, to deliver significant additional value for clients is particularly exciting.

project greenprint

Of capital towards sustainable projects, as well as the accurate tracking and quantification of emission reductions, abatement levels, and other sustainability KPIs linked with these projects. Connect corporates with our robust ecosystem of financial institution partners to chart your own sustainability journey – achieve greater ESG capabilities and attain ESG financial services. Retrieve holistic ESG certifications and data across multiple industries and global verified sources, all via a single digital platform.

STACS is a YARA powered static credential scanner which suports binary file formats, analysis of nested archives, composable rulesets and ignore lists, and SARIF reporting. This enables an organisation to define a baseline set of rules for use by all teams, while still allowing teams to maintain rulesets specific to their products. In addition to tracking price, volume and market capitalisation, CoinGecko tracks community growth, open-source code development, major events and on-chain metrics. CO2X Pte Ltd (“CO2X”) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with key industry and association leaders from the Transport and Logistics, and Finance sectors. In the year ahead, ESG will continue to be a major theme, with the emergence of new technology platforms to serve growing business needs around ESG certification and related finance. For the city-state to position itself as a leading global green fintech hub in Asia and beyond, we believe there are three key priorities it must not lose sight of.

Singapore FinTech Company STACS Co-develops Blockchain Platform with Swiss Private Bank, EFG Bank

Future phases would move beyond trade matching to also facilitate the seamless settlement of trades. STACS announces the launch of its full suite of ESG solutions for banks, stock exchanges, asset managers, corporates, and SMEs, as part of its refreshed vision as “The Nexus of ESG Finance”. The full suite of ESG solutions — ESGpedia, Vetta smart contract platform, and ESG Playbooks — aims to enable effective Sustainable Finance. The technical integration allows for ongoing project data from U-Reg to be ingested on the ESGpedia registry, starting with the renewable energy sector from projects in Europe, with future plans to cover other sectors. STACS was invited to speak at COP27 on the first-ever Singapore Pavilion.

  • STACS announced today that it has become a portfolio company of PwC Singapore’s Venture Hub programme.
  • We believe technology solutions like this will combine well with our green and sustainability-linked loans to help our SME customers across the region to successfully transition their businesses and projects.
  • Participating in this MAS funded initiative was an exciting experience for EFG and our team members.
  • The partnership involves the technical integration of EnOSTM, Envision Digital’s net zero platform for decarbonisation to the ESGpedia digital registry, which powers the ESG Registry of the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (‘MAS’) Project Greenprint.

It’s used to fuel smart contracts for Bitcoin, to reward miners on the open Stacks network, and enables holders to earn bitcoin by Stacking. STACS’ key updates from the festival, including showcases that features collaborations of clients and partners from leading global financial firms all over the world, and finally our astounding win at the MAS Global FinTech Innovation Challenge Awards 2020. Financial Market Infrastructures have time and again impacted all parties involved. In such unprecedented times and in the midst of disruptive transformation currently shaping the entire financial service industry, financial market infrastructure will not stay immune for much longer.

Contributing to PyPI

One such example is the CO2X platform, that demonstrates how digital technologies will be able to help track and manage carbon emissions in the very near future. CDAS is proud to be supporting Singapore’s Green Plan roadmap to reduce carbon emissions in the industry, and will support efforts to reduce its carbon footprint through automation, digitalisation, smart technology, as well as exploration of alternative fuels. Just as we have done so before, through our various industry digitalization and automation solutions, we can work together as an industry, and as one united nation, towards a brighter, greener, and cleaner future for our children. Our smart contract platform brings digitalisation and automation for the financial sector, unlocking value via automated concurrent processing, real-time perpetual reconciliation, and effective multi-asset lifecycle management. Covering ESG Financial Products, Vetta interacts with ESG data from ESGpedia, enabling effective and automated ongoing monitoring and lifecycle management.

In May, we were generously hosted at the Everest Room, Google Asia Pacific, Singapore office for the launch of our ESGpedia platform in partnership with the MAS and key partners from the world of asset management, banks, exchanges, insurers, and financial services. We are thrilled to have collaborated with UBS, State Street, CMS Holborn Asia, as well as our blockchain partners Tezos and STACS on this groundbreaking initiative to bring efficiencies to the fund investment and management industry. These funds in the real estate, private equity, and venture capital world, typically suffer from a lack of liquidity, high barriers to entry, and are burdened with paper-based processes that add to the costs of this competitive industry. By tokenizing the VCC, we hope to support Singapore’s ambition of becoming the world’s fund management center as well as the hub for capital markets innovations. As the global economy emerges from battling the Covid-19 pandemic, governments and businesses are shifting gears to be more environmentally responsible.

Set in the context of tokenized securities in the securities market, STACS worked closely with the team at Deutsche Bank on digital assets interoperability across platforms and related custody. STACS detects static credentials using “rule packs” provided to STACS when to run. These rule packs define a set of YARA rules to run against files provided to STACS. These findings represent potential credentials inside of a file, and are reported on for a developer to remediate or “ignore”. STACS detects static credentials using «rule packs» provided to STACS when run.


Aligned with the consensus that Asia is where the fight against climate change will be won or lost, we presented our solution to enable companies on a clear pathway towards net zero, as well as launched our carbon credits solution with Razer as our first partner. With innovation at the forefront of our strategy, it is important to us to actively contribute to, and participate in the future of capital markets from a post-trade servicing perspective. This POC allowed us to assess the practical handling of tokenized assets, as well as the opportunities and challenges that could arise from their commercialization in Singapore, and potentially in other markets. Participating in this MAS funded initiative was an exciting experience for EFG and our team members. This is in line with our efforts to change the speed and scope of digitalisation in our business.

STACS Showcase x SGFinTechFest 2020 Recap. STACS is a MAS FinTech Award Winner

Market cap is measured by multiplying token price with the circulating supply of STX tokens (1.4 Billion tokens are tradable on the market today). STACS announced today that it has become a portfolio company of PwC Singapore’s Venture Hub programme. The joint business relationship will bring about synergies between the two firms, while helping to elevate trust placed in distributed ledger technology by the financial services industry and driving adoption. Ray Ferguson, the former CEO of Standard Chartered Singapore, has joined homegrown fintech start-up, STACS, a leading Singapore-headquartered fintech development company providing transformative technology to the financial services sector, as Chairman.

This transition to destacs tokenisation will also reconfigure the way global supply chains are organised and executed. Logistics service providers therefore have to stay up-to-date on climate policies and develop capabilities to comply with new sustainability measurements and emission reduction. As such, the Singapore Logistics Association has started a series of events to help our members keep abreast of sustainability trends, best practices and policies, with the aim of capturing business opportunities with greener logistics solutions and new innovations.

With a common vision to enable sustainability amongst companies of all sizes, TÜV SÜD PSB and STACS today announced their partnership on ESGpedia, via TÜV SÜD’s Sustainability-as-a-Service programme. How can green fintech and ESG data help the hospitality industry in Singapore and across Asia achieve ESG finance and decarbonization? The pressure is on for all sectors to commit to going green in 2023, with growing regulatory and business push. Singapore will continue leading the region’s sustainable development towards net zero and ESG Finance, across various industries including carbon credits, fashion and textile, real-estate, hospitality, e-commerce, and more. Read our 2023 ESG Finance outlook on how every sector needs to step up their green efforts this year, or fear losing competitiveness and being left behind.


This allows for an ignore list to include other ignore lists which enable composition of a “tree of ignores” based on organisational guidelines. STACS is one of seven startups globally to be admitted into the programme, and one of two within Singapore. Amongst the seven companies selected, STACS spearheads ESG fintech by enabling enhanced ESG finance and high quality carbon credits. Together with Mastercard, STACS will seek to expand and accelerate innovation around digital asset technology and make it safer and easier for institutions to adopt blockchain technology. Powering the ESG Registry of the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Project Greenprint, ESGpedia aims to improve sustainability data quality to support more effective sustainable finance.

STACS Token stacs Price Prediction

Aviva Singlife is pleased to be the first insurer to work with CO2X to utilize their Blockchain technology to underwrite and find green insurance solutions for the Transport and Logistics sector. Customers can leverage the platform to track their carbon footprint for benchmarking, devise fuel reduction strategies, reduce fuel costs and reduce emissions. By analysing the data collected, Aviva Singlife will be able to better assess and provide reduced insurance premiums for logistics operators. This is a win-win solution that will support sustainability in business.

Headline topics include bridging a US$2.5 trillion green funding gap, to establishing a common green infrastructure for Singapore, right down to how COVID has brought a positive impact amidst climate change. In celebration of the upcoming sixth anniversary of enterprise blockchain, STACS hosted a global industry panel with The ValueExchange on 7 July, with esteemed speakers from the Singapore FinTech Association, and the Union Bank of the Philippines. As a partner of Summation Programme by SGInnovate and aligned with our commitment to support Deep Tech literacy in Blockchain, we seek to build strong talents in the industry. STACS is selected as private blockchain protocol provider for Project e-VCC, a global first initiative led by InvestaX, UBS, State Street, and CMS, and jointly supported by PwC Singapore and The Tezos Foundation.

In light of the GameStop and AMC fiasco, legacy infrastructure was shoved into the limelight once again. STACS shares with The Digital Banker on the impact of such infrastructure and discusses alternatives. STACS appoints new leadership role, Sharon Yuen as the new Chief Commercial Officer, who will be steering the firm’s business development and sales efforts. It’s becoming crystal clear that for the finance industry to make good decisions in terms of capital allocation to environmental, social, and governance assets, we will need to improve transparency and trust at the data level. STACS and Everimpact headquartered in France today announced their partnership to provide banks and corporates involved in the carbon market with greater transparency and trust. Singlife will leverage CO2X’s data tracking and analytics capabilities to publish policyholders’ sustainability reports on ESGpedia, which tracks data including fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and carbon intensity.

Singapore FinTech STACS to build Blockchain-based registry for ESG certifications and verified data

STACS​ announced today that it has completed the bond on blockchain proof-of-concept with Malaysia’s National Stock Exchange, Bursa Malaysia, to facilitate the growth of the bond marketplace at the Labuan Financial Exchange. End August, Green and Sustainable finance investments, banking, and fintech were some of the important themes that brought together a distinguished panel of speakers alongside our own Co-founder & Managing Director, Benjamin Soh. The second edition of STACS Showcase, a celebratory and collaborative fintech event, happened during the week of Singapore FinTech Festival earlier this month, 8 – 12 Nov, as a digital event. STACS ESG Finance Research | It’s clear that governments, institutions, investors, and consumers are all aligned on the need for sustainability to be at the heart of how we live, play, work, invest, shop, and travel. Tremendous opportunities lie ahead of us as the world transitions from fossil fuels to green alternatives, and our Little Red Dot must position itself now to capture these falling treasures. At STACS, we believe in equal opportunities for everyone across different departments.

Singapore FinTech STACS partners CSOP Asset Management as blockchain platform provider for OTC Derivatives Trade Processing

The certification is awarded for STACS’s DLT-based platform, Vetta, which enables enhanced ESG finance. The live use cases set a precedent in their various industries and can be replicated across Asia to empower businesses in their green and decarbonisation journey via better data, digital tools, and effective ESG financing. The fashion industry faces difficulty in conducting Supplier Sustainability Monitoring, lack of standardised reporting formats, and difficulties in establishing traceability of sustainable fashion efforts. Read on to see how STACS’s platform, ESGpedia, helps to greenify this process and enable ESG finance. The Exchange closely follows current trends in innovation and new technologies with a view to remaining relevant in this competitive landscape.

The use of technology in initiatives such as Project Greenprint’s ESGpedia will go a long way in making sure that quality and verified ESG data is available and comparable. With companies communicating more clearly their environmental, social and economic impact, banks, including UOB, will be able to have more meaningful conversations with them and through financing, support them in global, regional and sectoral transitions. Market cap is measured by multiplying token price with the circulating supply of STACK tokens . This information is automatically propagated through into reports, so “ignored” findings will be marked as “suppressed” in SARIF output while also including the reason for the ignore in the output for tracking. This provides a stacs command which can then be used by developers to scan projects directly in their local development environments.

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